Meet our Family

Agrial Fresh Produce Wigan, Axgro, Agrial Fresh Farms and Florette fall into the UK arm of Agrial’s vegetable division.

Agrial are one of France’s leading agricultural and food-processing cooperative groups.

Comprising of 14,000 farmer members it continues to expand its food-processing activities into Europe, Africa and the United States. Agrial has operations across 18 regions with 280 farming outlets and it’s not just about lettuce!

Operating in 11 countries, across 5 divisions, they now have a workforce of 22k people and annualised turnover over €7.1 billion euros.

Working With Us

Our Growers

We have relationships that have stood the test of time.

Our Customers

We have an approach to business which is all about transparency & honesty.

Our Colleagues

We nurture and encourage our colleagues to be their best.

Agrial’s UK Locations

Within our family there are 4 sites in the UK.

Agrial Fresh Produce in Wigan
Florette in Lichfield
Axgro Foods in Scunthorpe
Agrial Fresh Farms in Colchester

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